Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Flowers Flowers Everywhere!

My garden is really doing spectacularly!  I need to weed at some point, and some the plants are still waiting to bloom until later, but I am super excited about how well everything has come back this spring!

First off are my bottle-brush plants.  I know I've spoken of them before, but now they are in full bloom!
 As you can see on the right, my orchid is also doing exceptionally well :-).  The lizard still prefers the orchid, but there are some smaller critters that LOVE the red blossoms on the bottle-brush plants...the bees!
The fortnight lilies have also taken off, and now I am seriously reconsidering my plan to pull some of them up.  Now I'm thinking about trimming down the hawthorn bushes in the front right flowerbed so that they and the lilies can coexist without making the flowerbed look overgrown.  I do want to plant some other flowers though, and right now there's just not room.  Oh well, that's a quandary for later.  Back to my wonderful garden!

The flowering plants I have yet to identify around the side of the house have started putting out buds again!  When they bloom, I'll identify them and then post pictures.  The holly trees are all doing very well (much to Bryan's chagrin lol), and the magnolia is about to bloom!  I can't wait...I absolutely LOVE that smell!

And last but not least, my pride and joy--also known as my orange tree--has put on even more height, and its trunk is starting to "wood up".  I am just so relieved that it survived the freezes this winter and is flourishing in the growing season this spring! 


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