Monday, April 19, 2010

Again, Not Me! (Monday)

This blog carnival is so much fun!  This was all started by MckMama, and reading everyone else's posts over at her blog is a hoot!  I found "Not Me Monday" through my friend Arena's blog, The Nerd's Wife.

Overall, today was a much better day than last Monday.

That said, I did *not* oversleep until 6:45 this morning instead of getting up at my proper time of 6:10AM.  NOT ME!  I would *never* have Bryan hit snooze that many times.

And I did *not* drive like a bat out of hell on the freeway to make up the lost time.  NOT ME!

Since I still arrived at school 10 minutes behind schedule, I went straight to the workroom where I did *not* pull out my current reading book instead of preparing for today's lesson.  NOT ME!  I always have my lessons prepared in exact detail and use every minute of my day for work purposes.

Having said that, I obviously did *not* totally wing my lesson in second period.  As a result, I am definitely *not* going to have to reteach the lesson tomorrow to properly prepare those kids for Wednesday's quiz.  NOT ME!

I also did *not* have a cultural discussion over the movie Real Women Have Curves in order to use the class time not taken up by the short grammar lesson.  NOT ME!

During said discussion, we covered that traditionally in Hispanic cultures (especially among the older generations) a woman's value is either found in her a) virginity or b) position as a wife and mother.  And after saying this, I definitely did *not* refer to the character going through menopause as having "dried up".  NOT ME!

To be clear, I *never* use sarcasm to shock and appall my students just for the hell of it, especially *not* about such sensitive issues as "el cambio de vida" (the change of life).  NOT ME!

And since today was good and the lesson (such as it was) went fairly well, I definitely did *not* still spend a good bit of time daydreaming about not being a teacher.  NOT ME!

My current daydreaming definitely does *NOT* revolve around being a stay-at-home wife/mom with a part-time job.  I do *NOT* want to give up a "fulfilling" full-time career in the workforce to focus on being a homemaker/mother while bringing a little money in on the side.  NOT ME!

On a related note, I did *not* spend a great deal of time today calculating ways to pay off my student loans early so that I can stay home in the future.  And I definitely did *not* do this while sitting in a TAKS informational meeting.  NOT ME! 

When I got home today, I definitely did *NOT* decide to skip water aerobics yet again in order to blog, read, and generally relax.  NOT ME!  I would *never* continue such a lazy trend of not working out.

And I was definitely *not* more excited about typing this blog than anything else I've done today.  NOT ME!  I have a far more interesting and engaging life than that :-P.

Until next Monday!


  1. I totally feel you on the stay-at-home wife/mother thing. I have that fantasy quite often. :)

    Glad today was better than last week!

  2. You make me smile!! Love this!


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