Friday, April 2, 2010

Girls' Day With My Mama

I have discovered a new wine/beverage combination that I absolutely love:  Beringer Sauvignon Blanc and Sprite Zero!  I fill the glass (normally a 16 ounce glass) up about three-fourths of the way with the Beringer, and the rest with the Sprite Zero.  The Sprite has to go in second so that the carbonation will mix the two beverages together.  This results in a deliciously bubbly, sweet, light white wine.

Which in turn results in a warm, fuzzy, slightly buzzy me--which is a great condition in which to blog!

Today I spent most of the day with my mom.  We hadn't gotten to spend time with just the two of us in awhile, so we designated today a girls' day.  We grabbed lunch at Cheddar's, bringing Bryan along so he and mom could catch up as well and so he didn't have to eat alone.  After that, we dropped him off at the house and headed to Bouncer and Alicia's so mom could get her hair done.  Alicia truly is an artist at what she does--mama's hair looks fantastic!  Once we were done there, we headed to the nail salon near my house (first stopping for some Starbuck's) and got a manicure/pedicure!  While we were doing that, my sweet husband took my car to WalMart and got four new tires put on!  For dinner we went to Pho (again bringing Bryan) and had some of the most amazing Spring Rolls ever, even though I feel like I'm betraying Kim Son's by saying so!  Mom headed home and Bryan and I are relaxing to some TV before bed.

I truly am blessed to have such a great relationship with my mom.  She was a wonderful parent and roll model as my brother and I were growing up, and now that I'm an adult (scary!) we enjoy an amazing relationship as friends and women, as well as mother and daughter.  We always have good conversations, be they concerning teaching, relationships, family, or whatever.  Today's whatever covered a bit of all of the aforementioned topics, but a great chunk of time mostly centered around religion.

I shared my readings from Misquoting Jesus and how my views on faith and religion have continued to grow and change.  We talked about the historical origins of the Bible, and how that impacts current Christianity.  I mentioned my thought that with so many religions in the world, while not ALL of them can be right, not all of them can be wrong either.  Not that that's an original thought, but it's one that resonates with me more and more as I see more of the world and come to understand more about people.  I love my mom--we had a very good and open discussion, as we always do.  We covered everything from scribal error to the fact that Christianity is NOT the only religion with a resurrected diety/demi-diety to the fact that, even if none of Christianity is actually true, the life it advocates is still a good life to live.  And we acknowledged that Christianity isn't the only religion with the particular set of morals it espouses.  All in all, I think faith is a much easier thing than religion.  There's enough in this little paragraph to spawn a whole Religion topic post--and later, I will probably write exactly that.

However, the purpose of this post is just to reflect on a wonderful day spent with one of the people in this world who knows me the best, loves me exactly for who I am, and is always open to a good chat, even if that chat brings up potentially controversial and challenging ideas and points of view--my mama!

Now, I'm going to finish my wine, enjoy watching TV with my husband (who is one of the others that fulfills the above requirements) and head to bed to (hopefully) good sleep and sweet dreams.


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