Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Menu Planning Tuesday!

I know, I know.  It's a day late.  AGAIN.  Oh well.
Yesterday was a good day--I slept in quite a bit to make up for the lack of sleep Saturday night.
Yesterday afternoon I went over to Alicia's house and got my hair done!  I'll post pictures later--today is a lazy day lol.  Then last night Bryan and I watched Robin Hood on Netflix.  It was a wonderful continuation of the weekend's relaxation!

Anyway, here's the menu plan for this week!

Breakfast:  some combination of egg, toast, fruit and/or yogurt with cottage cheese with milk
Lunch:  turkey and cheese sandwich for me, leftovers or buying for Bryan
TUESDAY: Sit and Stitch! I think this is gradually turning into a Sonic night for me...and I'm completely fine with that!  It's turning into a tradition lol.
THURSDAY:  Pita Pizzas
FRIDAY:  Not sure yet!  Bryan's possibly taking Friday off, so we'll see what we end up doing!
SATURDAY:  Out to eat!
SUNDAY: Honestly, we'll probably go out to eat again.  Lol.  Lots going on this weekend.


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