Friday, June 17, 2011

What I'm Loving This Week!

I had this post all ready to go for What I Love Wednesdays but then I got distracted and ran off to one of my favorite places in the world--Park Avenue Yarns!  So, instead of focusing on Wednesday, here's a list of what I am LOVING this week!

1) I am LOVING my basil plant that I rescued from the Kroger's outdoor herb rack.  It's pretty and green and has been wonderful when I've made my Feta and Pesto Chicken.

2) I am LOVING the fact that I'm finally blocking my dad's Father's Day gift AND Allie the Great's present as well!  I am a very lazy blocker lol but I'm loving that I'm getting these projects officially completed!

3) Speaking of knitting projects, I am LOVING the progress I'm making on my "Summer Flies" shawl!  It is very pretty, and I only have another three sections to complete!

4) I am LOVING my two new pattern books that I bought at the yarn shop on Tuesday!  So many of our friends are announcing pregnancies, so I plan on using the nursery pattern book for gifts and the block book is providing practice in cable knitting and inspiration for a charity blanket.

5) Speaking of, I am LOVING the KAS-Care knit-a-square project.  Those of us at Park Avenue Yarns are knitting squares until late August, when we will come together and send all of our blocks to KAS-Care.  The resulting blankets will be given to the millions of AIDS orphans and abandoned children in South Africa.  This week I bought four skeins of yarn and am going to try to knit a square a day from now until late August.

6) I am LOVING my Kindle!  Especially since three of my authors came out with new books this month!

7) I am LOVING my hubby!  He's such a hard worker, especially this time of year, and yet he makes time to go on walks with me and spend time with me.  I sure do love him!

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  1. I am SO jealous...I have been wanting a Kindle!!


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