Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lazy, Laid Back Weekend

And thank goodness for that!  Last week just kinda sucked lol.  I'm glad for a restart!
Yesterday, I spent most of the day at the yarn shop and actually finished 3 whole sections of my new shawl project!  Here's a picture of what I hope it will look like when I'm done:

The pattern is called Summer Flies and was created by Donna Griffin.
It's a beautiful light weight shawl that I'll probably wear to church (because our sanctuary is COLD) and on really breezy evenings this summer.  And of course I'll wear it when things cool down again.  However, I'm not using the same yarn.  The pink is pretty, but I decided to go with a neutral color--a very pretty dove grey--in a slightly lighter-weight bamboo yarn from Origins.

I think the lighter weight will make it a bit lighter and lacier--which is what I want.  I also bought new bamboo size 8 circular needles, so I'm calling this my Bamboo Summer Shawl!  It's a great pattern and I really got in a zone working on it yesterday!

Last night we went to Bryan's cousin's graduation party and then went out to eat with Ethan and Julie and Tom at a new beer garden!  The food was yummy, the beer fantastic, and the proprietor and his wife are actually from Germany!  Then we went to the 24 hour house of pie!  Yummy cookies and cream pie made my night complete!  Or it should have.  I decided to have a cappuccino with my 10 PM.  The drink was wonderful...the effects not so much.  Bryan and I got home and in bed by 11 and then I woke up again at 2:30AM.  And couldn't go back to sleep until 7:30AM.

That's right.  I laid in bed AWAKE for 5 HOURS.  I'm NEVER drinking a cappuccino that late again!  On top of that, I woke back up at 9 and couldn't go back to sleep.  I tried (and so we missed church) but it just wasn't working.  So, Bryan and I ran to the grocery store and had a great lunch here at the house to the wonderful entertainment of EuroTrip!  Now, we're watching Beer Fest, and I'm thinking I'm going to follow my hubby's wonderful example and doze throughout the movie.  Later, we'll watch our current NetFlix flick--Megamind!
 This is turning out to be just the kind of weekend I needed!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Mmm....pie...

  2. It was really good pie...if only I could get the recipe!


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