Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's Amazing How Attached We Get...

Well hubby flew out for Flagstaff this morning. I'm super excited for him, but I'm going to miss him for the next 10 days. He texted me when he landed and called me while he was driving from Phoenix to Flagstaff. We talked for a bit until he went through a dead zone in the Arizona hills. I'll call him tonite before I go to bed, but he's going to be working 16 hour shifts for the next 10 days, so I probably won't get to talk to him long. Sigh. Oh well...I'll just pretend we're back to him working on a coop tour and I'm in school in CS...oh wait, I still got to talk to him then so that analogy doesn't really work...gah. Oh well.

So what did I do today since he's not home? Well, I cleaned the kitchen, watched some TV, sat with the dogs, and worked out for 1 hr and 10 mins on my brand new Wii Fit! That's right, I know have a Wii Fit and it ROCKS! The hoolahooping basic and advanced and the step basic and advanced are my favorites, and I love the yoga too. The balance games are fun, and helped me to warm up and get used to the balance board. It was so easy to keep working out b/c it was fun! I was playing a video game, and getting exercise at the same time! Later, I might play Zelda for a bit, but right now Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi is on, so I'm indulging my inner nerd/geek. I should have gone to the store tonite to buy more apples, but I think I'll survive one day without an apple in my lunch.

On a completely unrelated note, I found a foster home for a lost puppy yesterday! The foster lady named her Dobie, after my high school, because that's where I/we found her. She came into the school yesterday morning, and I was the only one to actually try to get her back outside--repeatedly might I add! I actually had to pick her up and carry her out three times, as high school students apparently don't know how to NOT let a dog back into the school. She was two or three years old, and a beautiful brindle (read tiger-stripped) pit mix, and just the sweetest thing! She curled up in my lap for 10 mins and licked my chin while my principal went to find a substitute leash for her. Then one of the APs and I stashed her in the coaches' dressing room, and I spent the rest of the day (b/c we only had yesterday) trying to find her a shelter or foster home. She must have been someone's pet--she did great on a leash, is quite obviously house trained (no accidents in the dressing room, but she waited until I had her out in the grass!), and is only slightly thin with great physical composition and skin (minus the inevitable fleas of course). She needed to be "fixed" but the foster mom said she'd take care of that...I'm trying to get a donation for the vet this network of foster homes uses to help with costs (the vet does the work on the fosters for free!).

I adamantly did not want to call the pound...because of her pit blood they would have simply put her down. At the very end of the day (7th period to be exact) my last lead panned out, and a foster mom was contacted! I sped through the 30 minute drive to meet her, and handed the pup off (I'd been calling her Honey...more as a nickname than anything, and the lady's grandson liked Dobie better...I can't say I disagree!). I was so glad to not have to just turn her lose into the street, or worse! to call the pound! Seeing her go to her death would have broken my heart, but we couldn't have taken her in...we already have 2 dogs in our 1 bedroom apartment! It was still hard to see her go though. The AP and I had jerry-rigged a leash for her, and when I handed the lady the leash, Dobie leaned against my leg and didn't want to go with her. So, I walked her to the lady's truck, and had to actually pick her up to put her in the vehicle. She cocked her head at me, confused as to why I wasn't getting in the car with her, and watched me out the window as they drove off.

I got a phone call last night saying that she had settled in fine, with the exception of being terrified of the lady's other pups and trying to climb the fence to get away. That said, she's reported to have shown no aggression and to have been wonderful with people in general...all of which I already knew about her character after caring for her all day inbetween classes.

The foster mom said something as she was about to drive off and Dobie was staring at me out the window: "It's amazing how attached they get after such a short period of time."

I had to wipe away a tear as I replied: "It's amazing how attached WE get."


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