Monday, October 6, 2008

Battle of the Bulge, I

Well, last week wasn't as successful in terms of an exercise schedule as I had hoped it would be. Why? I got a fever blister. And not just one...the initial morphed into three big bubbly blister clusters on my upper lip. Which means I spent the week with a mixture of various OTC salves spread on them, and got to listen to my students ask constantly "What happened to your lip, Ms.?"

Yes, they call me Ms. I apparently don't rate a name.

Anyway, I might write a rant blog about the educational profession later this week, but for now I'm going to keep the focus on my right? So, I didn't exercise consistently last week because sweat tends to irritate and encourage the spread of fever blisters. And in my humble opinion three clusters on my face at a time is MORE than enough. So, instead, I focused on watching what I ate. I must admit, I'm pretty proud of myself for how I managed that! Here's my general menu:

A granola bar or light yoplait yogurt for breakfast (YUM boston cream pie and double cherry! OH! and the pineapple upside down cake! Yes, I know...I sound like the commercial:-P).

For lunch, I pack myself half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a cut up apple, and sometimes another granola bar. I also throw in a Fresca: all the carbonationy goodness of a soda with 0 calories, sugar, or carbs and only 35 mg of salt! I generally drink the Fresca during my 6th period conference's relaxing and makes me feel as if I might possibly be ready to take on my seventh period class (heh).

After school, I go one of two ways. Either I get home by 4 and have a yogurt or apple for a snack (because my standing goal is to leave school by 3:30 at the lastest) OR (like today) I don't get home until 5 and figure I can wait til dinner.

For dinner, if the hubby comes home from work, I make a Skillet meal (surprisingly healthy frozen food) or we go grab a quick bite (and I try to make a healthy choice...or at least not force myself to finish all the food once I'm full). If hubby doesn't make it home in time for dinner (a common occurrence of late, since they're on cruch time at work with testing in almost 2 weeks) I either wrangle up a salad, make a Skillet and put most of it up as leftovers, or do what I'm doing tonite and go get dinner with a friend!!! There may or may not be drinks involved ;-).

All in all, I've been watching what I eat very closely, and trying to make healthy choices. So, what's the result?

I now weigh 168.2!

That's right! Almost 2 pounds in a week! Yes, I know it is a lot of water weight, but hey, it's still weight! I haven't been weighing myself in the research indicated that the time wasn't as important as consistent timing. So, I generally weigh myself upon getting home from school, which means between four and five pm. Once the fever blister finishes healing (SO CLOSE!!!) I will start working out again, and I can't WAIT to see the results! My weighing time will also be before I go work out, and is now before any snack I might have.

All in all, I'm highly encouraged by this last week, and am hoping to see continued progress this next week. Oh, and I'm hoping to soon buy a Wii for both gaming purposes and for the Wii Fit application, which from what I've seen is pretty snazzy! I would really enjoy the ability to work out in my living room with a variety of exercise options rather than going to the gym to ride the same bike for the same amount of time every day. Don't get me wrong, the bike is awesome, but a girl likes some variety.

In summation, go me for having lost 1.8 pounds this last week, and please keep thinking happy thoughts for me as I continue trying to get back down to 160 (the current goal...I'll reset that number once I reach it!). On that thought, I'm going to go play with the pups and get ready for a Girls' Night Out!


  1. Yay! Congrats :-p Wii Fit is awesome, it's the only fitness regimen I've been able to stick with for awhile now. My only complaint is that the yoga function isn't all that great for some poses, so I picked up a DS game called 'Lets Yoga', and it's really good :-p It's kinda sad though, my entire fitness regimen centers around video games!

    Yep, we're coming back to Texas around January, I'm so excited! You'll have to come visit us ^_^ the Riverwalk is so much fun!

  2. We'll definitely come visit! We've been meaning to take a trip to visit folks out that would be beyond awesome to get to see y'all!

    And yeah, I think we're gonna order a Wii Fit online this week at some point...the prices have gone down enough (and I've saved enough lol). I think my main problem with maintaining a routine is that I get bored, so hopefully video games will help!!! :-)


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