Sunday, October 26, 2008

Battle of the Bulge, II

My Wii Fit is AMAZING! Seriously, I worked out for an hour and 15 mins Tues, 45 mins Weds, an hour Thurs, and an hour and 10 mins yesterday without even realizing where the time went! It has such a great variety of aerobic workouts and combination strength/yoga exercies that I can switch it up whenever I start getting bored, which lets me go longer! I also love the balance games...they're a really great warm-up! My favorites so far: Penguin Slide, Ski Slolam and Ski Jump, Rhythmic Boxing, Super Step, Super Hoolahoop (feel the burn in the abs!), pretty much all of the yoga poses, the leg lift and ab strength exercises, and the Meditation balance exercise! So, as you can see, I have plenty of variety to fill the time. As far as progress on my weight loss goals go, according to my bathroom scale, yesterday I weighed 163.6!!! According to the Wii Fit, it was actually 162.6...and since I'm now using the Wii to track my progress (and the bathroom scale has been dropped and kicked around repeatedly) I'm going to go with the Wii Fit weight. This of course does not mean I've lost an extra just means I was probably a pound lighter when I started lol. Anyway, I am now almost back down to wedding weight...just a couple more pounds to go! I'm hoping to be back down to 145-150 by January/Febuary (my Wii Fit goal based on a good BMI).

On a personal note, I'm really glad the Wii Fit game in when it did...I'm not sure how I'd be filling the hours with the hubby gone without it! He comes home this coming Saturday evening...I can't wait! Granted, some alone time is always nice...but almost two weeks of it is a bit much! I want my husband back :-P. He's having a great time out in Flagstaff though and so far the testing's going well.

If anything this whole time with him being gone has served as a great time of self-evaluation. I have never and will never forget the lessons I learned in college concerning maintaining a sense of self and the ability to function independently. This past week has really been the first time since the hubby and I got married that we've been completely apart. Granted, for a few weeks before the testing run he was working 60-70 hrs a week so I didn't see him much, but he was still there when I woke up in the mornings (mostly). I'm pretty proud of myself for how I've done this last week. I miss him, of course, but I've been able to be ok with the brief phone calls we were able to have this last week (except for phone call then). There's no cell phone reception at the testing site, so we make do with what we can get. I've been an independent working woman...taking care of the dogs in the morning, going to teach, coming home and taking an hour to unwind, then taking care of the dogs, fixing myself dinner, eating, working out, showering, taking care of the dogs again, talking to the boy when possible and then going to bed. It's been peculiarly satisfying, knowing that I am fully capable of keeping my life going when the hubby's gone.

That said, it's pretty lonely even with the dogs. Cooking dinner (I love my Skillet Meals!) only to put 2/3 of it in a storage container for the next two nights, sitting down to eat dinner alone, and then crawling into a bed by makes me very grateful and thankful for my husband and the life we've built together. I could definitely pull off the life of a single 20-something, but I'm glad that my path was something altogether different--a wonderful life shared with my best friend, the love of my life, my husband.


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