Friday, January 22, 2010

A Whole New Year

I sure can't believe it's already 2010...and that I'm turning 25 next week!  And that in a little under 4 months, Bryan and I will have been married TWO YEARS!  That's just crazy!

What's also crazy is the amount of time it's been since I blogged! Well, I've decided to reformat my blog both in design and function.  In the process, though I'm not a very computer-savvy chica, I've even learned to code HTML, so I'm superproud of myself for that!  This part--the "Home" page--will be for life updates and general thoughts, rants and the like.  I'll continue tagging them as they apply to my other categories (which I've cleaned up, but I'm going to actually start sorting my posts.  Me organzing--shocking, I know!  But anyway, just to get caught up---

Here's the cliffnotes version of the last few months.  Bryan and I have finished furnishing the downstairs, even if the walls are still blank lol.  The Rooms-To-Go folks have lost us as customers due to the runaround about fixing our reclining loveseat.  By the time they agreed to replace it, it was discontinued.  But I LOVE my couch, and Bryan (though inclined to grumbling) was able to splice the problematic powercord, so we're keeping it!  Other than that, summer flew by, and then school came barreling in, as did Bryan's annual trip.  He was gone for almost a whole month this time, which sucked, BUT we were able to by a Harley Davidson Road King with the overtime!!!  It's so comfy to ride!  We took a ride with a couple-friend out to Shiner, Texas to see the brewery and that was a blast.

School's going well--lots of great kids and a few nuts and punks, but so far its been a great year.  Well, except for the kid who almost hit me, the one who brought a gun to school, and the parent who told me I was an "unfair teacher" who "kept her daughter from succeeding in my class" when the daughter had an 86.  Silly parents, thinking their home definitions of success determine my classroom procedures regarding retakes.  Sigh.  And two fellow teachers have left--one on to bigger and better, and one burnt herself out.

On the personal life side, the I started Remicade (a new biologic) in September, and after much tweaking, we've finally found a dose that seems to be working!  We rang in the New Year with Alicia and Bouncer, and went on a fantastic motorcycle ride to Shiner, TX with Ethan and Julie so the first part of this year has already been amazing!  As for the rest of this year, Bryan and I have planned a Spring Break trip to Costa Rica with Amber and Hunter, but most importantly my two best friends, Victoria and Bryanne-Michelle are both getting married this coming fall!  I'm the Matron of Honor in Vic's and a bridesmaid in Bryanne-Michelle's so its going to be a busy, incredibly fun year with all the planning for that!  And of course Mark and Alicia are getting married this Spring (Bryan's Best Man)...what a fantastic year for weddings!!!  For Christmas, Mom and Dad and little brother and one of his friends all came to our house Christmas Eve for Christmas morning.  It was so much fun!  Mom even called it the "new tradition" which is exciting.  Other than that, I've also joined a gym, and started regularly working out, and have realized I am INCREDIBLY out of shape, which is not surprising seeing as I haven't had a consistent workout routine that includes weight training in 7 years.  But I've really enjoyed the start I've made, and can't wait for my first water aerobics class this Monday!

So, in short, life is wonderful.  I'm really hoping that this year I will update this regularly, because I have found that I miss having this outlet.  Also, I hope I use this year to get myself in shape, and I'm hoping this blog will help to serve as a record/accountability measure.  Anyway, time to go figure out dinner with my wonderful husband!  Til next time.


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