Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Water Aerobis: Not Just for Old Folks!

First, to record my weigh-in from Saturday:
160 lbs (WHOOP!), BMI of 23.something (eh) and Body Fat 24% (definitely NOT whoop).  All in all, not a bad start, but definitely some numbers I want to go DOWN.  And so I start my workout commitment.

Whew, this is going to be a long journey.  But you know what?  It's the fun things that make it easier to continue--like water aerobics!!!  I had SO much fun at my first class last night!  I think the instructor enjoyed having me there too...or at least she enjoyed laughing every time I managed to dunk myself lol.  Apparently, my abs are not up to the "suspended" exercise sets, so I routinely went under only to come up spluttering as I tried to maintain the pace of the set WITHOUT inhaling water.  I really did have a blast though, and it was a fairly good workout!  For the entire fifty minute class, we didn't stop moving once.  We went from jogging in place doing underwater chest presses with water weights to tuck jumps to cross country skiing exercise to several others.  My favorite set was the obliques, where we went up to the pool wall and lifted both legs to the side, bending towards them.  I really could feel it

Today though there is a system of bad weather about to come through.  That plus my new activity level have sent me into a minor flare.  I was limping around again today, and my right wrist and elbow are pretty pissed off.  On the one hand, until today, I've had a month of relative freedom from pain.  I haven't been limping, and my wrist has been doing excellently.  This means that the Remicade dose I'm on is actually WORKING, thank God.  And I'm also very thankful for this last month.

On the other hand, it's always hard to be reminded that the illusion of normalcy brought on by functioning medications is just that--an illusion.  This disease will be with me for the rest of my life, which is why I will always refer to it as my "journey with RA" as opposed to my "battle" or "fight" or anything that implies combat or vanquishing.  This disease is something I have to live with, and respect, and hopefully prevent from damaging my joints to severely.  I'm skipping workout today, in the hopes that the limp will be gone tomorrow, and that I'll be ready for another water aerobics class tomorrow night!

Bring on the dunking!!!  And now to go spend time with my wonderful hubby, who is desiring my attention :-D!


  1. Journey....My rent car is a Dodge Journey! Nice to drive but I want my suburban back! Love the way you described your "Journey with RA".
    Love you so

  2. Kristen, I'm so proud of you for working out! I'm so glad you found water aerobics. I'm sorry you're in a bit of pain, but I know that's never stopped you from doing anything you set your sights to! You keep up the good work girl! Had fun with you the other night. :)

  3. Yay for water aerobics, sounds fun ^_^ I love the new site layout, it looks amazing! Hope you're feeling all better for the weekend, have fun!


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