Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I haven't done a What I'm Loving Wednesday in about a month!  Crazy how time gets away from you.  Anyway, this week has been ok so far.  I made it back to water aerobics yesterday for the first time since June and went to Sit&Stitch last night.  Of course, today I'm pretty flared, so I'm taking it easy.  Here's hoping I get to go to water aerobics again tomorrow!  On Sunday, Bryan tried to fix the vent issue our dryer was having and ended up breaking the dryer in the process, so he's spent his evenings this week trying to fix both the vent issue and the dryer itself.  I hope he can fix it, but if not, that just means I get a shiny new dryer AND washer--gotta have the matching set, after all ;-).

Anyway, on to what I'm loving this Wednesday!  If you want to see what everyone else is loving or share what you're loving today, link up here!

1)  Murder, She Wrote!  This show has always been one of my favorites, and I rediscovered today that Netflix has just about the whole series on streaming!  So, while I'm taking it easy, I'm watching Jessica Fletcher solve various murders with intelligence, wit, grace and keen observations skills.

2)  Penguin cups!  These cups are holdovers from my hubby's college townhouse!  They make me happy just looking at them.

3)  Fruit smoothies!  For the past couple of days I've been using my Margaritaville mixer to make some yummy fresh fruit and ice smoothies.  I think today I'll run to the store and buy some frozen fruit to use--that way the ice is already in the fruit and it's a bit more cost-effective than buying fresh fruit every day.

4)  My new coffee/tea mug!  I bought it at Park Avenue Yarns last night after wistfully walking by it for about a month lol.  The little sheep makes me happy and it's green on the inside--my favorite color!

5)  My current knitting project--a nice dark green wool scarf for my friend Lindsay!  I'm using the basket-weave 3x3 pattern and it's turning out beautifully!


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