Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Stash

Since I've been flared for a month, unfortunately I haven't gotten much knitting done.  It's been driving me crazy, not being able to work on my projects.  Not feeling the yarn sliding between my fingers, not hearing the quiet clicks of my needles, not getting to watch the progress from skein of yarn to finished projects...

OK.  Enough waxing melodramatic lol.
To satisfy my knitting itch and to feed my yarn addiction, I have started increasing my yarn stash!  

So far, each skein has a project assigned to it, but if I don't get to knit soon, that might not remain true!

These two are for the squares for the KasCare project that Park Avenue Yarns is hosting!  I've made 4 squares already, and I'm hoping to make a lot more before August 15th!

These lovely skeins will go into making Teresa Cole's Owlie Sleep Sack and Hat!

This pretty gray will end up being a knit, basket-weave patterned belt for Julie!

And this beautiful dark green wool will make a warm scarf in a basket-weave pattern for Lindsay!

I seem to be working mainly in earth tones lately...maybe my next purchase will change that!  Or maybe not.  Either way, I'm hoping my wrist gets its act together so I can complete these wonderful projects!

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  1. Be careful- yarn stashes multiply! Between yarn and cross-stitch patterns, the whole top shelf of our closet is full and I don't remember buying half of it... Hehe. You're picking out some really pretty stuff, though, and I hope you're feeling well enough to enjoy it soon!


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