Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our Guestroom Has Earned Its Keep!

It has been a very busy few weeks!
First of all, my cousin Brooke came to stay with us from the 17th to the 22nd.
 My car was in the shop for the first day, so we hung out around the house.  Brooke was able to get a bit of her summer homework done.  I know, summer homework?  WTH?!?  But apparently that is now the norm for pre-AP and AP classes.  
Mom drove back down that day so that we could get out of the house.  I love my mama!  She took usto get pedicures, which she generously paid for, and dinner at my favorite Chinese restaurant down here, which I covered.
Mom also took me to get my car out of the shop, which meant Brooke and I were mobile the next day.  We had a blast!  I took her to see The Sorcerer's Apprentice (which, while no cinematic masterpiece, was entertaining and very well cast).  We also went and played racquetball at my gym--by play, I mean hit the ball around for 45 minutes laughing the entire time.  Then we went to the smoothie shop!  We also hit up the bookstores and I got to buy her two books!  I love buying my younger cousins books.

On Wednesday the 21st Mom, Dad, Mama Pior, Mike, and his cousin came down, and Bryan took us all on a tour of NASA!  We got to see the lunar rovers, the full-sized mock-ups of the space shuttle and international space station, the historical Mission Control, Rocket Park, AND the cafeteria!  It was so much fun watching my husband give the tour, and once again I was impressed with the extent of his knowledge about all that we saw.  It was also nice to eat lunch with him while he was at work

Brooke went home with Mom and Dad that day.  They were leaving for the River Cabin the following day, and she didn't want to miss any of it.  Bryan and I didn't leave until Friday night, but it still was a fun weekend!

The following Tuesday, Allie came into town!  Allie lives up in the DC area now, and we haven't seen her since our wedding--two years ago!  Back in college, Bryan, she and I all lived in the same freshman dorm, and then she was my across-the-hall neighbor in the dorm sophomore year.  She's also an engineer so she and Bryan had some classes together, and were in the same study abroad group in Germany.

She also lived in the apartment complex next door to mine once we got off campus.  She would have "come over and let's bake cookies" nights--and once two of them happened, it became tradition!  (that's an Aggie reference for those of you who might not get it.--in Aggieland, if it happens twice, it's a tradition!  Whoop!)  While she was here, we talked for just about two days straight.  We also played with the pups, watched Avatar, made sure she got to eat tex-mex, Whataburger, Sonic, and barbecue.  And, OF COURSE, we made a batch of delicious chocolate chip cookies!  
 It was so good to see her!  Bryan and I are hoping to return the visit next summer.

Allie went to stay with another friend Thursday night.  While I was sad to see her go, that gave me Friday to get the guestroom ready for Mom and Dad, who came and stayed at our house while we went to Waco for Bryanne-Michelle's Wedding Party!  We rode the bike up Saturday--which, while fun, was probably not the smartest move on my part.  Once we got there, we hung out, drank beer, and met her Waco friends and family.  It was so good to see her! (Oh, and Justin too lol)
On Sunday, we got up and had breakfast.  Bryan went on back to get the car--I had to catch a ride home with Bryanne-Michelle's mama because I was so sore from the motorcycle.  That gave Bryanne-Michelle and I time to hang out!  We drove around Waco and made a quick visit to the Dr. Pepper Museum (it was too hot to stay for long!)!.
We also visited Target and walked around PetCo where we saw some mice who were set on exercising!
We grabbed lunch and ate with her mom back at the hotel.  Then her mom and I packed up and headed to the Woodlands, where my sweet husband met us with the Santa Fe.  We got home, had dinner with Mom and Dad, and collapsed into bed.

Like I said, it's been a busy couple of weeks, but it sure has been fun!!! 


  1. Love it!! So glad yall have a huge home and welcome us with open arms!!

  2. Hi new reader. Those cookies looks so good. Sounds like you're having a fun but busy time.

  3. Hi Rachel and John! Thanks so much for your comment! Yes, the cookies turned out really well. I'm just making the most of the little bit of summer I have left! Thanks for dropping by!


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