Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wii and Roller Derby

On Sunday, I finally got to do something I'd been meaning to all week.

 Laundry?  Nope.  Dishes?  Nope.  Vacuuming?  HELL nope.

I got to play several uninterrupted hours of Zelda: Twilight Princess!!!  Bryan was off at an event with his motorcycle buddies, so I took the opportunity to beat the fortress in the Gerudo desert, and start the trek to Snowpeak!  It was wonderful!  I LOVE the cool is sooo much fun!

Also exciting is that once I beat Twilight Princess, I have the new Final Fantasy game to embark upon!  And if no more good quest games appear for the Wii between now and when I beat FF, I'll just go bakc an replay Okami!  I love my video games!

On Sunday evening, we went to an actualy Roller Derby match!  Our friend Julie skates on a team, but they don't play til later this month.  The match was between the Texas Dolls and the Pussycats, and it was absolutely crazy to watch!  It was highly entertaining:  basically, each team has one skater trying to get throught the "pack", which is made up by members of both teams.  Members of the pack are trying to help their skater break through first (so that she can score points) and hinder the opposing team's skater.  At first, it started out civily, but then the girls started getting PISSED OFF.  Fouls were everywhere--and one girl even headlocked another, threw her down, jumped on top of her and started beating the crap out of her!  And the penalty "challenges" were half punitive, half raunchy (ie, girl leg wrestling, pillow fights, etc.).  Oh, and all the girls were in either tights and short shorts or skirts, or tutus, with low-cut shirts.  All in all, very entertaining, but very strange!  Like a violent Rocky Horror Picture Show on wheels!

This week has been ok so far.  Water aerobics on Monday and again today.  The kids are behaving (for the most part--except the one boy today who used the "n" word in my class AGAIN and then never went to office when I wrote him up) and since it's a test/project week, work is pretty laid back.  At home, I've started rereading some of the Valdemar series by Mercedes Lackey.  It's always wonderful to pick up an old book--it's like talking to an old friend.  And these books are very old friends--I found Arrows of the Queen in junior high (library rat that I was)!  Anyway, I'm going to go spend some time with Bryan until 5:30, when it's off to water aerobics I go!
Fun fun fun :-).


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