Saturday, February 6, 2010

Weekend Workout Report

Alright!  Saturday once again!  Time to report in on this week's workout routine!  I have to say, I am pretty proud of myself for completing week two.  My goal starting out was to go 3-4 times a week, and last week and this week I met the 3 times a week goal.  Granted, the four times a week goal was to include the 9am Saturday water aerobics class.  I am typing this at 8:59 am, I clearly have not made this morning's class a priority.  And I'm completely fine with that!  Lol.   Bryan and I have also been eating a lot better--more salads, grilled meats instead of fried, and smaller portions.  And on a side note, Bryan has started working out again too--I am so proud of him!!  Ok, now on to this week!

First of all, today's weigh in.  BMI: 24.09, Weight: 159lbs
This is the first time sine shortly after Bryan and I got married that I have gotten below the 160lb mark!!!  I am so excited, and even more determined to stick with my new workout habits. 

As far as this past week went,

Monday:  I left for the gym at 5:30.  This departure time allows me to get in a 10 minute warmup on the elliptical before the 6pm water aerobics class, which lasts until about 6:50.  And let me tell you, Tanya keeps us moving the whole time!  She really is a fantastic instructor, and reminds me when I need to modify the exercises to avoid aggravating the RA.  I met another classmate on Monday--Katie--who works at NASA.  She only comes to Monday classes, but she's very nice and it's good to know someone at the gym.

Tuesday:  Day off.

Wednesday:  Repeat of Monday, except this time it was Tanya, Kelly, Ramona, and Heather that I joined in the pool.  This was the first class that I used the resistance weights THE WHOLE TIME!!!  Whoop!

Thursday:  I was going to go, truly.  But I had students come for tutoring, and we didn't get done with that until 3:35.  THEN I realized I forgot my yogurt (which I usually pack on days where I head straight to the gym, so I'm not working out on an empty stomache).  So, I decided to head home.  Then I found out Bryan's meeting was cancelled!  It all worked out very nicely.

Friday:  I got to the gym by 3:15!  I did 10 minutes on the elliptical, and then headed for the weights and such.  I did:
         1 set 20, 1 set 10 wall-ball squats with a 6 lb medicine ball held up in the air.
         1 set 20, 1 set 10 balance ball crunches with the same medicine ball in the air
         1 set 20, 1 set 10 on the leg press at 90lbs
   break to walk up and down the staris twice to keep my heartrate up
         2 sets 10 on each leg at 15 or 20lbs on the butt machine
         1 set 10, 1 set 10 on leg extensions at 20 lbs
   break to walk up and down the stairs twice again
         2 sets of 20 isometric oblique twists
         1 set 20, 1 set 10 hip thingys (machine where the pads are on your inner thighs and you squeeze together) at 40 or 50 lbs
         an uncounted number of reps on the oblique machine at about 30 lbs
         2 rounds of holding myself in my modified plank position (on my forearms and toes, keeping my body straight and flat engaging my abs) for as long as I could (which wasn't all that long, but will hopefully increase over time)
        And then back to the elliptical for another 20 minutes

All in all, it was great workout, and though I left feeling a bit shaky and tired, I also felt energized and the stress from school that day (where students decided it was ok to talk back to me constantly) had melted away!  I think I will be sticking with the M-W-F routine...if I go on Tuesday or Thursday it will be because noone came to tutoring and I will do an hour of elliptical/recumbant bike.  I am so excited to be working out regularly again--I had truly forgotten how much I love feeling the burn of aerobics and weights!  And I'm also unbelievably grateful that Dr. C and I have found the medicine (Remicade) and the dosage (500) that has actually started getting my RA back under control.  Without that, this whole workout regimine would probably have not taken shape.  Whoop for Remicade and getting healthier!!!

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  1. I am so glad the medicine is working! I only worked out twice last week. So, I need to set a goal of 3 times a week like you did. Love you


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