Friday, April 10, 2009

Well, expletive

This is sort of an addendum to the whole "Battle of the Bulge" series I started posting awhile back. I hate to admit it, but I fell off the metaphorical wagon with a splat. I was doing so well too! Gah. Long story short, over the holidays I fell completely out of the work out routine. Sad. And then the Spring semester of school started. Folks told me that the Spring would be a lot harder than the Fall, and I didn't believe them. Silly me. Even though I'm not a TAKS subject, there's so much more to do, and it's a lot harder to motivate the kids when they see the end in sight.

Anyway, according to the Wii Fit, I've gained about another pound since my last post on this topic in January (at which I was back up to 165). Which really isn't a very big deal. BUT I realized the other day when I set up my Wii Fit profile, I put 5'9" in for my height, not 5'8". So, basically, my whole BMI calculation has been off this whole time. With the correction, I'm a little bummed/peeved at myself about that, because that meant I actually let myself cross over the "normal BMI" line into the overweight line. Crap.

But, it's not like me to dwell too much on those kinda things (lol or at least not too much). There is a positive! I started working out again last week! And trying to do a better job of watching what I eat! And so far, it's payed off! I've lots about a pound (a little more) in the last week. And yes, I'm fully aware it was prolly pure water weight coming off from starting a new exercise routine AND it being "that time of the month". But hey, it's a start. The trick will be sticking with my routine to reach my goal.

Speaking of, my goal is not as ambitious as last time. I simply want to lose 5 pounds in a month. That's not overachieving at all. So, basically, I have another 3 weeks to lose about 4 pounds. And since it's reasonable to expect about a 1-2 pound a week loss with a regular exercise program and good eating habits, I'm optimistic about my success! So hopefully, at the beginning of May, I will be back down to a consistent 160. Then the next goal will be to get down to 155 by the end of June...and since that will be summer time, I'll have more time to go on walks, and use the Wii Fit, and work in the yard! And hubby and I will still be playing (though, in my case, the term "play" does not always mean "play well" lol) softball so there's another source of activity!

So, at my goal weight of 5 pounds a month (only a little over 1 pound a week), I'm hoping to be down to 145 by the end of August. The trick then is going to be keeping it off!!! Lol. Seriously though, I'll settle for being in the 145-150 range by the end of the summer. That's where I generally feel/look my best. I'd love to get down to 140-145, but I do want to keep my ass and my boobs (and my hubby wants me to keep them too lol), and the last time I was down to that, they went away lol. Looking at general BMI charts, they mostly say that, for my height and age range, I should be around 145...that said, I have a medium-to-large frame, and I've always carried weight well (as in, I don't necessarily look like I weigh as much as I do).

On a different health note, I'm going to have to remember to be careful and not push it too hard to quickly. With the RA, I have to confine my workouts to low impact exercises. AND my joints can't take heavy weight lifting. That said, I have already started adding light hand weights (3 lbs a piece) to my aerobics and strength training. I WANT TONE BACK!!! lol I might work up to 10 lbs eventually, but I don't want to go too much beyond that for fear of overstressing the joints.

All that said, I have my goal! 145-ish by the end of August. That said, I'm going to approach my goal in 5-pound increments. I really just want to feel good and feel like I look good again, instead of just ok.

Anyways, I'm going to try to recapture my accountability on this really helped last time. Time to go from just thinking about it, to actually pursuing this goal!


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