Monday, April 20, 2009

Me Time

I have enjoyed this evening! Well, most of it. After work I ran by Babies-R-Us to pick up a couple of shower gifts for one of my mentors at school and for the wife of a fellow Spanish teacher. I'm actually in charge of throwing the latter a shower--on Thursday after school. So tomorrow, I will buy some decorations and hopefully some bottles...and I want to play a "guess the number" game with a bottle full of candy!!! And I'll call H-E-B either tomorrow on go by during 1st on Thursday to set up for the cake!!! Others in the department are pitching in other things (this whole shower coincides with our monthly department meeting so everyone should be there) so I'm hoping it all turns out fun.

One thing the Babies-R-Us trip drove home: Yes, I want a kid...but I'm perfectly fine waiting the four years the hubby and I have agreed on!!! Lol.

After that, I came home and played with the 3 puppies---that's right, I said 3. My "fuzzy nephew" Tiberius stayed with us from Friday night til this evening when his mama came and got him. He's a very good chocolate lab puppy :-) and he and our girls had a ball playing together--especially on Saturday while it was shit-storming.

After his mama picked him up, I cleaned the kitchen and Swiffered! And started some laundry! In other words I've been nicely domestic. When the hubby got home, we went grocery shopping. I picked dinner tonight--sushi! And my amazing husband (who is not fond of sushi) went along with it and tried a type that he actually didn't hate. We had a nice dinner, and then he left for a friend's bachelor party tonight.

Which = Me Time.

It's been nice--I've kept the laundry going, showered and cleaned the shower. And now I'm watching Twighlight, which is the perfect "me time" movie, since the hubby won't watch it with me :-P lol. I've also fed and played with the pups and taken them outside.

Like I said, nice. Except I'll head to bed within the next 30 mins...alone. It's not the first time, even since we've been married---work and work travel sometimes conspire to keep my husband from our bed. But I still don't get used to it. I get to where I can sleep---and I'm hoping I'll sleep well tonight though I'll probably be half-listening for him to come home until he's beside me. I know he's having a ton of fun right now (or at least I hope)--there's probably lots of drinking and a strip club of some sort involved (knowing the bachelor lol). I'm fine with the strip club thing (except for the slightly jealous/insecure part of me that doesn't want him seeing other women naked--but hey, what girl doesn't have that? lol), so that's no big deal. I just wish he was coming to bed with me :-). Oh well, I'll cuddle my teddy bear! And on that note, I'm going to finish watching Twighlight for a bit, and then go to sleep!

I slept like crap until the hubby got home around 3 am. Then I slept amazingly for the next 3 hours until the alarm went off! And there were wonderful cuddles :-). Yay! Lol.


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