Friday, April 24, 2009

Day Off

I burned today--doctor's appointment and all this morning. They're running all the blood tests, like they do every 2 months. And this time they're running a test to exclude gout. Woo. Not that the doctor thinks I have gout (and I'm about 99% sure I don't--I'm classic RA), but my kidney stone in December made him want to rule out that possibility. Apparently, gout can increase the uric acid (spelling?) which in turn can lead to kidney stones. I think mine were caused by a build up of the calcium supplements that I was on, but I appreciate him ruling out the possibility.

After all, gout is an "old people's" disease! (And only old people have RA, right? lol)

So I got home from that, and have been watching movies--Merlin (which I LOVE) and Merlin's Apprentice. The latter is an "alternate time line" plot from Merlin, and enjoyable, if not quite as awesome as Merlin. But that's ok--it's entertaining! After it ends, I'm going to go clean the kitchen, and probably go putter in the garden for a bit. Then I'll shower, because a college friend is coming into town tonight and I think we're going to get dinner! Of course, I'd shower anyway after working in the garden.

I've started rereading the Twilight series again--mostly because I can't get enough of it! I've even watched the commentary on the DVD of the movie, which I've never ever done before. I just love the way the author develops the story, and the characters. I love the was she sets the tone and the atmosphere, and I enjoy the twists she's put in traditional vampire mythology (though I have a friend at work who has completely renounced the series--without having read it by the way--because of those very twists). I can't wait for the next movie (this coming Fall!)!!! And I can't wait to finish this reread :-).

Oh I had a thought. I might leave garden-puttering until tomorrow when the hubby is working on the bookshelf...and today I'll work out with the Wii Fit! I like that idea! My mama-in-law was in town for the past week (up until yesterday) and since she's a message therapist and had clients/friends coming in and out (she was working out of our upstairs) I felt it would be inappropriate for me to be working out in my usual attire, so I just didn't work out. It was wonderful having her here though, completely worth the postponement of a workout routine. We got to chat and catch up, and spend time together, and it was all around wonderful! I really do love my mother-in-law (all of my in-laws really, but she's the one I haven't seen in the longest lol). So today, I think I might make a start again. Especially since my lunch was a bowl of salsa with cheese (otherwise it's too spicy). The rest of my food today has been a thing of yogurt and an apple, so I haven't done too horribly. But I need to get active!

Or I might read/nap. Lol. I'm feeling lazy. We'll see after the movie ends and the kitchen is clean. It'll probably either be Wii or garden...I want to feel like I've been somewhat productive today, and all I've done is go to the doctor, watch movies and surf the internet. Anyway, I'm gonna wrap up this ramble and finish my movie! Yay movie!


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