Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We Have a HOUSE!!!

And it's a beautiful house!!! It's located only a little bit farther south from where we are right now! It was originally a model home, and they finished building it in 2007, but it's never been lived in! Here's the specs:

approx. 2,200 sq ft
2 stories
4 bdrms, 2.5 baths
a gameroom, living room, kitchen (with an island!), formal dining, and breakfast room AND the utility room is inside!
2 car garage, with an extension
upgraded paint, carpet, tile, there's a sprinkler system

Because it's a model home, they're going to paint over all the random designs in the bedrooms, AND it's already FULLY landscaped!
(...with a magnolia tree in the back yard...sigh...I love magnolia trees...there was one at my grandparents' house growing up and we climbed it all the time...)

All in all, it a wonderful home, basically ideal for us in every way! Granted, there's more room in it than we technically need right at this moment, but it's a house we can grow in to, and still have plenty of space! More, it's a house we can be in for the next 15-20 years +.

We're currently planning on turning one bedroom into a library, one into a guest room, and then the third upstairs room will be a multipurpose/storage room until we have a baby, in around 4-5 years lol. For now, we're give the apartment complex notice for the end of January, giving us a month after our close date (which, by the way, is December 30th...yikes!) to move. But February 1, we'll be in the new place!



  1. Congratulations!! I'm so jealous ^_^ This is really a great time to be first-time buyers. We're still hoping to move back to Texas soon (although it'll be Dallas instead of San Antonio) and we can't wait to get a house!

  2. Why the change from SA to Dallas? And yes, it's a great time to buy! How soon do y'all think you'll make it back?

  3. Well, Jonathan decided not to take the job offer in SA, and the company I interned with is letting me work up here and then transfer to their Dallas office. Jonathan's still looking for a job in Dallas though, so that'll decide when we move (fingers crossed for late Jan though!)

  4. That's great that they're letting you transfer! Once y'all get back, we'll have to go grab dinner whenever we're up that way next! I hope y'all have a very happy holiday season!


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