Monday, December 29, 2008

An Eventful Holiday

Last week was busy/wonderful all at once! Christmas came and went, with the usual giving and getting of gifts, and spending some fun time with family. It was hubby's and my first Christmas together as a married couple, which was fun...though not completely different from last Christmas, when we were engaged and living together. We did get no less than THREE first Christmas ornaments...we chuckled over that. They're all pretty, and will go on the tree next year. Christmas Eve was at my Nannie and Papa's, Christmas morning at my parents', and Christmas afternoon/evening with the hubby's Papa and Mimi's. It's so nice to have so much family!!!

Friday, I went to the hospital. That sucked. I apparently had a kidney stone, which I passed while I was sitting in the second waiting room. I've never hurt like that before, and with the RA, I sure do know pain. So I spent all day in the ER, and missed the first walk-through of the house. Fortunately, mom and dad were already heading down initially to see the house, but mom ended up switching with the hubby when he and dad had to go to the walk-through. That's ok though...I sent hubby with reminders of all the stuff I noticed previously that needed to be fixed...not that there was much. I went home with plenty of antibiotics (yeah, also have a UTI which means I can't take my RA shots until THAT goes away...grr...) and some hydrocodone (of which I only needed one). So that was my exciting Friday.

This weekend was nice and relaxing. Saturday, the hubby made me take it easy, and brought me plenty of juice, made me toast and eggs, and oatmeal, and basically just took amazing care of me :-). Sunday we went over to dad-in-law's house and hubby and he worked on hubby's truck. I sat with my fuzzy nephew (he's a chihuahua) on the couch and read. That night we went and got dinner with hubby's Papa, Mimi, sister and her boyfriend, cousins, mama and her boyfriend. It was great to see everyone!

Today, we got the amazing news that we close on the house TOMORROW!!! I spent today setting up the electricity for the house, and the gas. Hubby set up the cable, the water, and the garbage. All of it will be "turned on" (i.e. transferred into our names since everything but the cable is already on at the house) by January 2nd at the latest! Tomorrow, we have our last walk-through at noon, and then at three we meet with our AWESOME realtor to sign the papers...for an hour. But that's ok...after that hour, we'll have our VERY OWN HOME!!! We are both soo pumped! Dad's talking about renting a U-Haul and moving us in one load toward the end of this week...which means we've got a crap load of packing to do. But that's moving for you. We still need to submit out 30 days notice to the apartments...but we'll do that tomorrow once the papers are all signed and all parties are locked in ;-).

For now though we have friends coming over to eat pizza, and with Wii it up, or (it two others can come) get going on a game of Diplomacy (which I've never played) and watch a movie. Should be a fun night!!!


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