Monday, December 22, 2008

First Day of Christmas Break!

Well, technically Saturday was the first day, but I'm counting today because I would normally be at hour and 15 minutes from the end of the school day to be precise. It's been a great Christmas Break so far!

Friday, my best friend came in, and she, the hubby and I went and had dinner with my parents and little brother and little brother #2. Then we headed back to our place to chat and drink a bit lol. Saturday, hubby went and got us all kolaches (he's so sweet!). After breakfast she had to leave, but then, we had to pack, so all and all the day kicked off to a busy start. After we had done some laundry and packed, hubby and I headed to one family Christmas up in the hill country. Yay 5 hour drives lol. It was completely worth it. My cousins, with one exception, are all in high school now. They make me feel old! But my age issues aside, it's really interesting to watch the people they are becoming. They're all really good kids, so that's not a problem, but it's still interesting to see them develop their own ideas and opinions about life. Makes me remember when I started coalescing all of my vague ideals and notions into more clearly defined viewpoints on how I saw the world. Of course, that process never ends. Still, it's interesting to see the "kids" embarking on that process.

Yesterday, we headed back home (can we say, turn around trip?) and cleaned house before getting dinner with one of our couple friends. Then they came over and we Wii'd it for a couple of hours: Brawl rocks!

Today, we got up and talked to one of the lenders we're dealing with. Then, we went to the house to meet the inspector. It was SO COLD outside! But, the inspection went wonderfully! The inspector said he was impressed with how "clean" the house was (read, free of problems). Most of the stuff he wrote down was minor in nature, or easily fixed. We met the construction boss today too, and explained to him what we wanted in regards to repainting some of the rooms. He said it shouldn't be a problem and that he was going to try to get the painters in today! So, now, we just have to finish hacking through the whole loan process, schedule our initial walkthrough with our broker, and the final walkthrough once the builder has fixed whatever we find wrong. Then we close on the 30th! I'm actually hoping we'll have everything in place to close by the 29th...that way on the actual day of closing, we just sign the paperwork. AND GET THE KEYS!!!

Anyways, I was just thinking how good life is right now, and how blessed I am in family, friends, my job, and future! Of course, everything's not perfect but I wouldn't want it to be. Perfection is boring.

So, here's to the upcoming holidays (and finishing shopping for them), and to the upcoming new year! May we all be blessed, and even when things don't go our way, may we all remember that happiness is as much a state of mind as a state of circumstance!


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