Saturday, September 25, 2010

Victoria's Bridal Shower

Last weekend at this time I was on an airplane heading to Dallas!  Though I normally love airplane rides, last weekend was a hard one to take because Bryan had just arrived home the night before.

However, last Sunday was also my best friend Victoria's DFW bridal shower!
As her matron of honor, I wanted to be there to celebrate with her, and her DFW friends and family.
So, with Bryan's support and understanding, I flew up Saturday night and back Sunday night.
Talk about your turn around trips!

It was totally worth it though.  Vic and I stayed up Saturday night talking on her couch, and then woke up Sunday morning she made waffles, and we had cantaloupe on the side.  Yummy breakfast!
Then we got all prettied up to go over to her soon-to-be sister-in-law Stacie's for the brunch shower!

The house was beautifully decorated.  

The girls had paid attention to every detail, including Marissa (the other soon-to-be sister-in-law) creating a throne corner for Victoria by decoratively hanging beautiful fabric behind the white "throne".

The brunch was delicious.  There were small bread pieces with a special cheese spread and Nutella for which I will post the recipe at a later time.  They were phenomenal.  
There was also fresh fruit, a breakfast casserole, asparagus wrapped in ham, mini muffins and chocolate chip-centered croissants.

Oh, and most importantly, there were delicious MIMOSAS!!!

Many family members and friends came to the shower.  

We all ate, mingled, and watched Victoria open all of her presents.

After the shower, we spent time with Philip's family and closest family friends until Victoria took me to the airport.  My plane was delayed, but I still made it home by 8 find my wonderful husband waiting by the baggage claim to take me home!

While it was hard leaving right after Bryan returned home, the weekend was a ton of fun and I wouldn't have missed Vic's shower for anything!


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