Thursday, July 17, 2008


I've had several blog-type pages over the last five years. My first, a Xanga, I shut down because it was written during a time in my life that was painful, and though I cherish the lessons I learned through that whole mess, I didn't want to rehash it every time I went to blog.

My second blog accidentally got deleted.  It chronicled my study abroad experience in Spain the summer before my senior year of college. Once I got back to Texas, I decided to stop using that blog--it existed as an unadulterated record of a wonderful time in my life, and I hate that it is gone.

This blog I'm really setting up for those occasions on which I feel like rambling on my current thoughts. That's not to say bits and pieces of life events might not make it in (often they are what kick off my ramblings), but this is really just so that I can vent, celebrate, and contemplate without having to keep a strict logical order to things. Fair warning: that means this blog has the potential to cover any and all topics that cross my mind! So here goes!


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