Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Knitting Up A Storm: Baby Booties!

No, they're not for me.

I have several amazing friends who have either just popped out a baby or who are about to!  I am so happy for them and their hubbies, and for the little ones who are about to enter into some pretty amazing, loving families.  To celebrate their arrival to this crazy party we call life, I bought a great knitting pattern book called Blankets, Booties and Bears by Debbie Bliss and picked out several booty patterns to attempt.

These projects were not without their challenges, especially because they were all knit on size 2 needles.  Talk about tiny knitting needles!  Also, these were my first attempts at baby booties, and as such, incorporated my first attempts at several knitting techniques.  But it was so much fun to watch these projects grow and come together!

The first set was a pair of purple and pink booties for Kaz and Ron's Eva, who should make her appearance towards the very end of the year!

 The second pair of booties were little blue boots for Arena and James's Andrew, who arrived a bit ahead of schedule.  He's growing and getting stronger every day and sure is a cutie!

The second set of booties was actually two pairs of cute little boots!  Melissa and Dustin are welcoming twin girls this coming January!  I didn't want to make anything "matchy matchy", so I reversed the colors instead!

If the babies get their daddies' feet, then these will fit right away!  If not, they might have to grow into them.  But either way, these booties will keep their little toes all nice and cozy!


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