Friday, October 14, 2011

Small Rant: That Would Have Been Good to Know

Let me start off by saying life is fantastic!
My husband is wonderful and supportive, my pups are (pretty) good dogs, and I've got amazing friends.
We might not be pregnant yet, but we still have three more months to try (including this one), and I've been feeling very positive about the whole thing the past couple of days.

OK, now onto the rant.  As I mentioned in my Sharing The Journey post, there have been several surprises on this whole ride towards (hopefully) parenthood.  And they're starting to kinda piss me off.  

So, here's my list of things it would have been good to know:

1) Long-term methotrexate use can lead to hormonal issues and infertility.  Which IS listed in the side effects roll call, but apparently this is NOT one of the side effects that reverse after MTX is out of your system.
That would have been good to know.

2) Long-term NSAID use has a high correlation with LUFS.  This supposedly self-corrects once the NSAIDS are out of your system, but you have to KNOW to stop taking them.
That would have been good to know.

3) Texas does not legally require insurance companies to cover IVF--so they don't.  At all.  Even when the same insurance company offers a policy that DOES cover IVF in another state.
That would have been good to know.

4) My insurance only actually covered Clomid treatment and monitoring until the dose made me ovulate.  This is referred to as the "testing" period.  Now, we're on our own.
That would have been good to know.

5) OK, so I already knew this from dealing with my RA meds, but it bears repeating:  ALWAYS check the list of covered medications and check which ones need prior approval BEFORE going to the pharmacy to fill the prescription. 

Whew.  I feel better now.  Thanks for listening.
And now it's time to clean this place up and figure out dinner for tonight--Bouncer and Alicia are coming over!  Yay!


  1. Yeah, don't get me started on insurance companies. Not a fan. Kind of a love/hate thing since you really have to have insurance to get any kind of decent medical treatment.

  2. Yeah. My insurance company really has taken good care of me with all the RA stuff, and stuff they deem medically necessary. It sucks that fertility stuff isn't seen that way, but I guess we can't have everything lol. Hope the final thesis revision went well!


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