Monday, January 19, 2009

Warning: This is my whine time

I miss my husband.
I made it through his two week work trip in October much better. I think it's because this has been a holiday weekend for me, which means I don't have as much to fill my time. Also, we didn't get to spend much "us" time right before he left, whereas in October we did get time to ourselves. Also, as much as I LOVE our new house, it's bigger than anything I've ever lived in before. And since it's a new environment for me, I'm not accustomed to all the little settling sounds a house makes at night. In an apartment, I could always chuck unfamiliar sounds up to the neighbors. I lived in my parents' house for my life up until I was I was accustomed to those noises. Here, I have to identify the noises at least in categorical if not specific fashion to be able to be comfortable with them. Not to mention, my husband is my best friend and the love of my life. I'm used to the luxury of having him around, and in our bed at night. I miss his presence.

I don't want to go back to work tomorrow.
The whole "end of the semester" testing AFTER Christmas was an asinine idea. Here's why. The week before Christmas Break was a wash. Then the kids had two weeks off. THEN the week AFTER they come back is a wash because we teachers HAVE to review the test material or face a catastrophic failure rate (which I had on the test, but not on my semester averages). Then the second week they're back (last week) is a wash because of testing. So, effectively my students have had FIVE WEEKS without having to bend their minds to the task of learning new information. That's more than a month. And tomorrow, I wade back into the fray, and have to remind them how we behave when the classroom is primarily a LEARNING environment, versus a holiday/review/testing environment. I predict 2nd, 3rd, and (hopefully) 5th will be mostly fine, whereas 4th and 7th will be distracted verging on chaotic. While it will be nice to have something to focus on in regards to the first issue discussed, I'm not looking forward to reestablishing order in my classes.

My dogs are driving me crazy.
They are being particularly obstinate today. When I wanted to nap, they wanted to either play or be in my lap. When I was up and mobile, they wanted to sleep. I think it's because their daddy's gone. I'm the only human they have left right now, so they are especially affectionate and needy. Now they've calmed down, so that's nice. Also, I have to go outside with them and keep an eye on them. Since they've never had a backyard, they have no backyard etiquette, and we don't trust them not to dig out/dig up the flowerbeds. I can't WAIT until we install the in-ground electrical wire that will cut off the sides of the yard, keep the dogs away from the fences, and keep them out of my flowerbeds! I love them bunches, but they really have been ridiculous this weekend.

My abs hurt.
I started an every-other-day belly dancing routine. Don't laugh! The video I bought is actually pretty good--as long as you've already had some instruction in the style of dance. Luckily, I had that semester class back in college! Thanks to that, I already have been exposed to most of the moves used, and get a good workout. I also played Wii tennis for 30 mins yesterday, and while that has nothing to do with abs, it was still a nice workout. This one isn't really a whine, seeing as I'm pretty happy that I've been working out over the past couple of days!

Whining aside, my life is pretty damn good, and I am fully cognizant of that fact. I'm even content bordering on completely happy (except for the first and second things on my whine list lol). But, hey, everyone needs to vent a bit sometimes, and this is, after all, my storage space. :-)


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