Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Still Alive!

I'm still alive I promise! I started teaching school two and a half weeks ago, and the majority of my time has been wrapped up in lesson plans, grading papers, and thinking of new ways to wrangle the attention of 150ish high school freshmen and sophomores. It's been exciting, that's for sure! Basically this is my day:
Up at 5:30 am. Get dressed, put on makeup and jewelry. Make lunch for me and for the hubby. Reset alarm clock for hubby, kiss hubby, and leave by 6-6:10 am.
Drive to school. Get to school at 6:20-6:30 am depending on traffic and what time I left home.
Scramble to make sure everything is ready for students/stand at my duty station (on wednesdays).
Spend 1st period observing the floating teacher in my room/hurriedly getting done what I couldn't get done before school.
2nd&3rd periods: teach the lesson, give assignments, review assignments.
4th period: the school's news programs come on, and nothing much gets done for the first 20 mins. Then kids go to lunch, and I have 20 mins to scarf food, go to the bathroom, and either relax or (more often) work on things STILL not done from this morning. Kids come back:teach, assign, explain, review.
5th&7th periods: Repeat. And TRY to get them to focus and listen.
6th period: My "free period" as one kid called it today: during which I go to staff development/grade papers/take and pick up copies/check my box/meet with my mentor/meet with parents if necessary/and hope that my feet are only hurting because I've been on the ALL DAMN DAY and not because the RA is going to flare.
After school, I leave anywhere from 3:30 to 4:30, depending on if there's a meeting/kids need tutoring (on tuesdays and thursdays mostly)/Spanish Club meeting (wednesdays)/how long it takes me to input attendance, grade stuff, and get the room ready for the next day.
I get home between 4 and 5, depending on when I left and how bad the traffic was at that point. I take the dogs out, figure out when hubby will be home, and SIT THE HELL DOWN!!! YAY! Then, I read for a bit (if I'm lucky), the hubby gets home and we figure out dinner, and I grade papers. I also try to clean the place up a bit, do laundry, take out the trash, clean up the kitchen, and straighten the bedroom (damn beagle chewed a hole in our BRAND NEW comforter this morning...grrr) and bathroom.
9pm roles around and I get in the shower. Out of the shower, dry the hair, go to bed by hopefully 9:30 pm, more often 10 or 10:30.

So yeah, it's been busy. Thank God above for the weekends...though I find it sad that 9am is now "sleeping in" for me....so does the hubby lol. This last weekend was wonderful: we relaxed, went on a motorcycle ride, had dinner with friends, and spent Sunday with my in-laws. There was a bit of a stressout over budget stuff, and where to find money to play with, and my high potassium reading, but everything has been worked out so far...I find the results of the re-blood test tomorrow.

In other words, life is INCREDIBLY hectic, and I'm exhausted...but life is also very, very good at the moment! I really do enjoy the TEACHING part of being a teacher...it is all the "other" stuff that is wearisome. The hubby has been wonderful helping me adjust to the transition (witness this morning when he woke me up b/c the alarm apparently didn't) and I sure do love that man :-). Anyway, I've got about 30 mins before showertime...so I'm gonna go play with the pups!
Hasta luego!

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  1. Aw, now you're making me wanna be a teacher :-p I'm glad to hear its going well!


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